QDRO Professionals, LLC is owned and operated by attorney Taylor Long. QDRO Professionals offers an efficient, all-inclusive service drafting and submitting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ("QDRO") for attorneys and parties involved in the divorce process. Unlike most QDRO companies, QDRO Professionals handles every step in the QDRO process for a low flat-fee. QDRO Professionals will draft the QDRO, communicate with the Plan Administrator for pre-approval, send the QDRO to each party for review and signature, submit the QDRO to the Judge for filing, and then send the certified QDRO to the Plan Administrator for final approval. QDRO Professionals takes the headache away from you having to communicate back and forth with Plan Administrators.  If you need assistance with the QDRO process, or if you simply have a question for our attorneys, please give us a call today!

QDRO Professionals, LLC

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1 Carriage Lane

Building I, Suite 202

Charleston, SC 29407

(p) 843-779-5664​

(f)  864-673-0283

E: info@qdroprofessionalsllc.com